Our Strategies and Objectives

You might have seen rose bears somewhere else, but we are different.

Why pick Mila’s Creations ?

We are a customer oriented business. Here at Mila’s Creations, we value your feedback and make it a necessity to produce high quality products.

Mila’s Creations offers you bears in different 4 sizes. We have more sizes then any other place. Our company offers bears in small sizes which is 9” -10” tall, in medium sizes 12” – 13” tall, and in big sizes 15”- 17” tall. We also have mini bears for seasons 8” tall.

Also we have biggest variety of colors. Our items come in the biggest variety that you can find anywhere else. Not just a single color, but in combination of the colors as well.

We also going beyond the bears and making other things as well. We try to work things out with every customer, to know better what they really like. Here at Mila’s Creations we really make customers happy. We also customize people’s idea of colors and sizes our client want. Our goal is not just to sell item to the client, but have each client as return customer.

Featured Services

Customized products

We create customized products according to your requirements.

Handcrafted products

All the products at Mila’s creations are specially handcrafted by our talented artisans.

Festive ornaments

We specialize in ornaments for every festival, be it Christmas, Thanksgiving or Easter.